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Women Attorneys of Michelman and Robinson (WAMR)

the WAMR Hammer

The Women Attorneys of Michelman and Robinson, LLP (WAMR) present Solange Ritchie the WAMR Hammer in appreciation for serving as a guest speaker. January 28, 2015.

Solange recently spoke live in Orange County and via video conference in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco about writing and character development for her novels. She was presented with this stunning award by the Women Attorneys of Michelman and Robinson (WAMR).  Solange wants to thanks all who attended both live and via video.  It was so exciting to speak to like-minded attorneys who enjoy writing, story telling and share a little of her own story about how her writing career began and has now taken off. It was also very rewarding to hear from many of the female attorneys that they could really connect with her lead character, Dr. Catherine Power’s struggles as a power woman in her career and her role as a mother.  They loved the cover and Solange provided 2 chapters of the final edit on the novel. Many told her that they wanted more to read.  So thanks to the Mona, her fellow lady lawyers (and a few gents) at Michelman & Robinson for the opportunity and this award. One additional item, the breakfast talk was videoed and they promised to send it to Solange When she gets it, she will post it on this blog.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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