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What’s Up with the Wacky Weather?

I know what you are thinking—a blog post about the weather?

Yes, a blog post about the weather.

Think about it, or just watch the news when you get home from work.

California is suffering some of the worst record-breaking fires we have ever seen. And they are happening in July and August—earlier than in years past. Thank God for all the brave firefighters who risk life and limb to protect people’s homes and lives. Your sacrifice and hard work will not be forgotten.

The rest of the country is dealing with record-setting heat or torrential rain. Tornados have appeared in places that normally don’t see tornados—like the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida!

Europe is under the spell of a heatwave that is melting glaciers. In Portugal and Spain, temperatures have risen to over 110 degrees. A recent news story featured people who wanted to sit on the famous Spanish Steps in Rome, but the steps were too hot to sit on or even touch with bare skin.

So what’s up with the wacky weather? Is it God’s way of telling us that our planet is not a healthy as we think? Is it Mother Nature’s revenge on mankind? Is it Father Time’s way of telling us to slow down and pay more careful attention to this spinning ball of land and sea that we call Earth? I think the answer to these questions is a resounding yes. We need to be more mindful of the pollution affecting our world. We need to recognize global warming not as something that might be happening but as something that is very, very real.

So as you enjoy the summer weather, think about how you can leave a smaller footprint on Mother Earth. Think about how you can benefit her, not harm her, because a healthy Mother Earth benefits us all.

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Image courtesy of ya.zan (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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