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Testimonials for The Burning Man

In the press:

“A practicing attorney, Ritchie knows what it is like to be a professional woman working in a male dominated field. As such, she wanted to provide readers of the crime/mystery/ thriller genre with a strong female lead – someone who could be as comfortable solving crimes with the boys as she was tenderly tucking her child in at night. She wanted a woman to appear in a thriller in a position of power, rather than as the usual victim. With protagonist Cat Powers, she has definitely filled the bill.”
“Under Cover” by Edie Crabtree, Newport Beach Independent, October 2, 2015

From the blogs:

“The Burning Man was a rewarding book, well worth the read. It kept my attention throughout the whole book with great characters and a well fleshed out and suspenseful book.”

“This is a book that would appeal to fans of Kathy Reichs’ Tempe Brennan and Patricia Cornwell’s creation Kay Scarpetta. Apparently there are three other Cat Powers books in the pipeline and I’d look forward to making her acquaintance again.”
Crime Fiction Lover

“No light or simple read, The Burning Man makes its readers think, requires them to hop on board for a vivid and unpredictable ride, and, in the end, promises (and delivers) a strong female protagonist whose complex life and issues are far beyond the usual one-dimensional investigator persona seen in similar genre thrillers. Yes, some threads are left unwoven – much as in life. This just means that The Burning Man might (or might not) lead to something more.”
Diana Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“I love a good crime book and, when I began reading The Burning Man by Solange Ritchie, I was delighted to find this is exactly what I’d been given to review – a good crime book…”
Karen Brooks,

From the Goodreads community:

“Couldn’t put it down – grabs you from the first page and you have to stay awake to read… Can’t speak highly enough about the strong, female protagonist, Dr. Cat Powers. What a refreshing change that is.”
– Laura Hess

“The Burning Man is an intensely charged psychological serial thriller. A Clarice Starling meets Ted Bundy approach to a gripping and gruesome novel that I found difficult to put down […] Solange Ritchie could very well be the next upcoming best serial/thriller writer of the year. Her writing shows remarkable talent, her intelligence exceptionally noticeable. She does not dumb-down anything in her book(s).”
– Freda Malone

“The book is extremely well-written. The last few pages had my heart fluttering and blood pressure soaring. I love the forensic side of things…gathering information not visible to the naked eye. And I love the backgrounds of the ‘bad’ guys. It always goes back to nurture or nature. And the sheer action when everything’s coming to an end is exquisite. Highly recommended!!”
– Linda Strong

“If you like Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs) and/or Dr. Kay Scarpetta (Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta/Chief Medical Examiner series), then you will love Dr. Catherine ‘Cat’ Powers.”
– Sherri Fig

“The plot flows nicely and is infused with agonizingly realistic scenes where we blanch at the sight, touch, and stench of another lifeless body. Then there are some pulse-racing, tension filled sequences, which Ritchie writes with equal skill and artistry […] if this novel is any indication, she will have a brilliant career.”
– Jean Coldwell

“Suspense is created at the onset and steadily increased with each page. The reader is left breathless with heightened emotions. This novel is a wonderful examination of the descent into insanity, obsession and mental illness; the reader questions the very nature of life’s essence; are hate and malevolence stronger than love and purity? A MUST READ.”
– Skye Croman

“‘The Burning Man’ by Solange Ritchie is a gripping gut-wrenching psychological serial thriller. It is hard to believe that this is the debut work of a new author, because it is so well written, and flows so well. Her talent shines through, and I will definitely be following this author, to see what is in store for us in the future.”
– Sue Loenhardt

“It had a great story line, fast pacing, believable wonderful characters, scary, taut drama, truly a crime of unbreathable proportions. My heart was pounding through a lot of it and I never saw the ending coming.”
– Kathleen Daly

“The plot is engaging, pacy, and suspenseful with a good measure of psychological overlay. The action scenes in the last chapters are just terrific and will make your heart pound out of your chest. […] Overall, I found The Burning Man to be a captivating thriller, and a superb first effort by Ms. Ritchie. I will definitely read the next book in the Cat Powers series when it becomes available. I highly recommend this novel to all lovers of psychological thrillers and suspense.”
– Christine Terrell

“Gory and gruesome, this riveting mystery will keep readers glued to its pages.”
– Mallory Heart

“A wonderful book – a real page turner.”
– Jan Graham

“If I could award this book 10 stars — I would! It is exciting to find a debut work by a new author of this calibre. The writing is clear, concise yet incredibly suspenseful. Solange Ritchie takes us on an exhilarating journey in this compulsive and chilling novel where both characters and plot are complex without being confusing.”
– Sandra Jones

“For those of you who enjoy a gripping read, pick up a copy of The Burning Man and step into the world of Cat Powers.”
– Darleen Quinn

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From customers:

“This intriguing yet bone chilling masterpiece will lead readers on a dark, complex, and dangerous plot. The suspense burns hotter with every page. Readers won’t get enough of the wild goose chase game that the killer decides to play with the detectives. Can they catch a killer before more bodies are mutilated and left for dead? Or will they serial killer get the best of them? I highly recommend this thriller suspense to all. Shivers down your spine and edge of your seat intrigue will occur.”
– Danielle Urban

“I feel Ms. Ritchie has done a superior job assembling a believable cast of characters with a chilling story […] her storyline is strong and her writing is vivid and crackles as it moves at brisk pace. There is a surprising twist at the end with the promise of more appearances by Ms. Powers and others as well.”
– kw twink

“Solange Ritchie is an author to watch out for, her first novel was a total blast to read. Being an Orange County native, I can certainly say that she has the favor of OC in the novel. The characters are believable and well developed. Nice plot twist towards the end. Can’t wait for her next book.”
– Richard

“Couldn’t put it down, one of the fastest read I have had! Can’t wait till the next one!”
– Guylaine P. Levy, the author’s mom 🙂

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Additional reviews:

“I love not only the storyline that is keeping me on the edge of my seat, but the descriptive words that help with visualization.”
– Ashley Tabag


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