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Solange Ritchie has her finger on the twitching pulse of America after the recent wildfires in California have made Firestorm all too real. FBI forensic pathologist and special agent Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers finds herself in the middle of a psychological and literal firestorm, hunting two diabolical serial killers. As she tightens the net, Cat has no idea she is meant to be the ultimate prize in this deadly game of cat-and-mouse. In Firestorm, Solange Ritchie exposes a level of pure evil that is truly terrifying in its reality. Noir at its best.”

—S. L. Menear, best-selling author of the Samantha Starr series

Solange Ritchie’s Firestorm is a thrilling page-turner that I found hard to put down so I could eat and sleep. She has created two of the most loathsome villains that I would hope never to meet in real life. She takes the reader through the mind of two serial killers with skill and ease. The forest fire scenes were so realistic that I could almost feel the heat of the conflagration and smell the smoke and ash. Her protagonist, Cat Powers, is a hard-working dedicated professional who represents the best of the crime-fighting professions. Ritchie has a real winner with Firestorm.

—Dallas Gorham, author of the Carlos McCray, Private Investigator, mystery thriller series

The suspense begins on page 1 of this second book by Solange Ritchie and builds to an intense crescendo. FBI forensic pathologist Catherine “Cat” Powers faces her past horror, one she wished would vanish forever: the psychotically deranged serial killer known as the Burning Man, who displays his true-to-form diabolical soul. The suspense does not let up till the last page.”

—Scott Meehan, author of Millennial Girl

Ritchie’s new novel, Firestorm, is fast-paced and descriptive. Her realistic description of forensics reads as very genuine, and it is clear it was thoroughly and meticulously researched to get even the minute aspects accurate—from the serial killer psychology to a wide variety of crime scene techniques.”

—Justin (J. Robert) Kinney, MS, Forensic Science (CSI), author of the mystery novel Precipice

Firestorm is a fabulous read with a great hook. Can’t put it down.”

—A. R. Alan, author of The Index Killer

Solange Ritchie delivers another fiery thriller, Firestorm, with her compelling female heroine besting both an old and a new nemesis, each whose evil will make your skin burn, with a promise of more to come. The heat starts on page 1, and the inferno never lets up.”

—Steven G. Jackson, author of the techno-thriller The Zeus Payload

Firestorm is an intense battle between “Cat” Powers, a hard-charging forensic pathologist/agent with the FBI, and a psychopathic murderer who would make Hannibal Lecter cringe. Both are brilliant and determined to win at any cost.”

—Don Westenhaver, author of Missing Star

A worthy sequel to The Burning Man. From its opening sentence, Firestorm keeps the pace fast and compelling. The heroine is no superwoman but is a real person battling real, albeit psychotic, antagonists. Ritchie successfully keeps the reader fully invested in each step of the protagonist’s struggle to stop the murderous rampage of a pair of sadistic and vengeful opponents and their plans to destroy her life and those close to her.”

—Susan Brandt, writer, Miami, Florida

Criminals have met their match in the FBI’s Dr. Catherine Powers. Firestorm is filled with twists and turns. Solange gets into the heads of serial killers with such accuracy, it is truly chilling. A great read that will leave you wanting more.”

—Brent Romney, Esq., lead counsel in the Hillside Strangler case

Solange Ritchie hit it out of the park with Firestorm. This novel held my interest to the very end. It was intense and intriguing. A great read. Five stars for Firestorm.”

—Laura Burke, mystery writer

In Firestorm, a serial arsonist creates an inferno of revenge fueled by hate aimed at Dr. Catherine Powers and her son, Joey. Will the fires meant to destroy their lives become their salvation? Or will the flames engulf everything that they hold dear? Firestorm is a gripping saga with characters you will pine to know more about long after you read the last chapter.”

—Kathy Porter, author of the Gray Guardians Series

This fast-paced thriller will get hold of you from the first page and never let go until the last paragraph. Filled with details only Orange County locals would know, Firestorm realistically places the reader in the very heart of a firestorm.”

—George Jaramillo, former sheriff, Orange County, California

Firestorm is most impressive. The characters were well thought out and the writing sharp and quick. Ritchie knows how to rock an autopsy scene!”

—Pamela Buchmeyer, writer, attorney, and columnist for the Texas Bar Journal

The story is well plotted and paced.”

—East Coast Don, Men Reading Books

Firestorm is brutal, graphic, and sexual.  It is a horrifying thrill ride where you are not sure you can survive the carnage. Many characters in the book don’t, so make sure your heart is strong before reading.”

—Mike Pihlman,

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