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Finding Peace in the Social Media Age

I was truly fascinated when I recently watched a toddler swiping on his mother’s iPhone screen. I thought, “Where is technology taking our society that a child so young has any idea what an iPhone is, much less knows that he has to touch the screen and swipe to see a new picture?”

While having a social media presence is necessary for an author, I watch practically no TV to increase the time I can devote to writing. I no longer watch the news, as I find it depressing. When I write, I listen to either instrumental music or none at all. I recently went to see the Gipsy Kings in concert, and I liked their instrumental stuff. Sometimes classical works for me too, but other times it puts me to sleep. The bottom line is that I choose when and if I allow social and traditional media into my life, not vice versa.

I recently went on vacation overseas. While flying home, I noticed that people got out their cell phones and checked their messages as soon as the flight entered US airspace. Now, I understand that staying connected is part of the job for some people, but come on—they just came back from a beautiful, relaxing trip where they could take a break from social media, and as soon as they could, they plugged back in again.

I’m sorry, that life is not for me.

I wonder about people who are constantly plugged into their phone or social media. Is this behavior something that our culture teaches? Does it make people feel more important? Or does it reflect something deeper?

We all laughed at the idea in The Terminator that robots and megacomputers could take over the world. But that is what’s happening today. Social media is slowly taking over our brains.

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Image courtesy of Seika (CC BY 2.0)

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