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I Have Always Loved Halloween

I’m not sure why, but I have always loved Halloween.

That may be because Jamaicans do not usually celebrate it. I can remember only one of my classmates throwing a Halloween party. I went as a little Dutch girl because I had recently played one in a school play. Of course, being blonde and blue eyed helped sell the part.

Now that I am an adult, I love Halloween. Watching the little trick-or-treaters come to the door gives me a treat.

My first husband, John, who was six feet nine, would dress up as a space alien on Halloween, complete with a full head mask (which made him appear even taller) and gloves. His costume covered his whole body, so kids honestly could not tell a person was inside. He would wait for the older kids to come to the front door, then jump out of the side yard and scare the cr——p out of them. It was too funny. He never scared the little ones.

I also have a list of horror movies that I love to watch during this time. Halloween, the classic starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis, is always a favorite. It still scares me. Did you know that the movie was panned until the creepy soundtrack was added? Then critics and audiences could not get enough. And did you know the mask that Michael Myers wore was actually a mask of actor William Shatner?

Halloween is just pure fun. What other day of the year can you go to work in costume? What other day of the year can you obscure your face and pretend to be somebody you are not? Isn’t that part of the fun of Halloween? What other day of the year can you scare the pants off of someone and get away with it?

And of course, we get to eat lots of chocolate and candy and other treats. Need I say more?

So, whether you choose to trick-or-treat or stay home, happy Halloween.

Until next time.



Image courtesy of sagesolar (CC BY 2.0)

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