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Cat Powers

Dying Declaration

That’s right. You heard it here first.

The next novel in the Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers series is on the way. This third novel in the series is called Dying Declaration. I am especially excited about Dying Declaration because it is my first legal thriller featuring Cat and Joey. For the first time, I draw on my background as a civil trial lawyer to describe some of the characters and the scenes in this novel.

Often at book club events and signings, fans who have read The Burning Man and Firestorm tell me that they are surprised to find out I am not a doctor or medical professional but a lawyer. This statement makes me proud because it means that I did the research and got the medical details right in both novels.

With Dying Declaration, I hope to take readers into a new world. Here is a rough version of the back cover synopsis:

FBI forensic pathologist Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers and her young son, Joey, are enjoying a beachside vacation in Belize, when Cat’s phone rings. Nate Conners, the southern regional head of the FBI, is on the line. His voice is full of tension. Cat knows what this call means. It is time to come in.

Women’s dead bodies are turning up in the Florida Everglades—victims of a sex slayer. One of the bodies does not fit the killer’s modus operandi. Unlike the other victims, all runaways and prostitutes, this victim was a legal secretary for an international law firm based in Fort Lauderdale called Black and Knight. Even more puzzling, this victim appears to have been one of the first. Why was she killed? What did she know?

Cat teams up with Nate Conners to put the pieces of the puzzle together. As Cat digs deeper into the inner workings of Black and Knight, she uncovers a secret world of international sex trafficking, prostitution, extortion, racketeering, money laundering, political corruption, and murder. As Cat uncovers the truth, innocent people die and lives are changed forever.

The partners at Black and Knight will do anything to stop Cat from exposing their crimes—even murder. Will Cat bring these criminals to justice? Or will she be the one caught in the cross hairs?

I hope that you will pick up a copy of Dying Declaration when it is released in the spring.

Until next time.


PS: The fourth novel in the series, “Bomb Blast,” is coming soon too!


Image courtesy of marc carpentier (CC BY 2.0)

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