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Just Do It

Thanks to all of you who have registered at for my novel and who have otherwise responded favorably to my blog and postings.  It means so much as we move through life to know that what we are doing has an impact and is meaningful to those around us.

Along those lines, I was able to spend a few days with my family who visited (and who are still visiting) from Florida.  They have had a tremendous impact on who  I am now and hopefully the person I am destined to become.  Also thanks to a new support group I have found called OC Writers.  This group features a dynamic and talented group of local Orange County writers from various genres, like myself . I am looking forward to getting to know each of you more.

As for my writing, I started work on a third book in Belize. I continue to work on it even while hosting family here in town.

It is a challenge to find the time to write but like the Nike ad says JUST DO IT.

Whether it is in the morning when the house is quiet, or after work or dinner with the kids, the most important lesson in writing is to just keep writing. I have seen interviews with best selling authors who say consistently they produce 5 pages a day.  Think of the work product we would all have if we produced 5 pages a day.  Absolutely fantastic.  It is doable.  So let’s all dedicate ourselves to making it happen.

As for THE BURNING MAN, I should have edits back by mid July.  I will keep everyone posted.  Thanks again  for the encouragement.

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