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Dream Big

As many of us move through life, we forget to dream and dream big.  We get stuck in the mundane and  minuscule.  We forget that there is always a bigger plan for us than what we can see at any given time right before us.  For many of us, especially writers, we obsess over the smallest word or phrase.  We forget that life, like writing, is about just doing it.  Not over thinking it.  Not obsessing about it.   Just doing it.  And having faith in what we can create and nurture.  Sometimes, the good outcomes do not happen over night, but they do happen.

The fact that I am getting published after 10 plus years of creative writing is a testament to this type of mentality. I never thought it would happen but it did.   None of it would have been possible without those around me, particularly my husband, Steve, always supporting me and pushing me.

BelizeLike many, I also have experienced road blocks in my creative journey.  That also is okay.  it is through working through these times that we find our journey becomes richer and deeper.  Personal tragedy, while difficult at the time, creates the stronger person we are today.  The more creative, compassionate and enriched person which makes for better story telling.

As far as The Burning Man, I am working with editors currently to move it through the publishing process.   Edits should hopefully be done by July 18.  I submitted a second manuscript to Morgan James Publishing called Backburn.   It features the same lead character as The Burning Man.   And while in Belize this past weekend, I started working on a third novel, not yet titled.  It is amazing
what good friends, a little sunshine and a good margarita can do for one’s creative juices.

So dream big and live big.

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