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Angels in a Cave in Thailand: The Miracle of the Human Spirit

After watching the rescue of the soccer team and their coach from a cave in Thailand this week, I feel compelled to write about it.

I call this post “Angels in a Cave in Thailand.” Why? Because that is what those brave divers and everyone else who participated in the rescue were—angels.

In a world filled with hatred, bigotry, racism, and bad news, we saw before our very eyes the power of goodness. We saw the miracle of the human spirit. We saw men and women brought together for one great cause—to save twelve young boys and their coach trapped in a flooded cave in the middle of nowhere.

I believe that God sends us miracles like this sometimes so that we remember life is not all about hatred, politics, bigotry, racism, or any of that. God shines his light, the light of angels, on us so that we remember that goodness exists in this world.

There is goodness in the heart of humankind.

There is goodness in the human spirit.

The rescuers had no time to waste getting the boys and their coach out of that cave—no time to waste at all. They had to act. They had no more time to ponder or plan. Listening to the experience of the cave divers afterward, listening to them say that this was the most difficult dive they have ever done, gave me chills. These men, and the boys that they rescued, were so brave. Many of the boys could not swim, yet they trusted the divers to bring them out alive. One diver said that the water in the cave was cold and that they could not see more than their hands in front of their faces while they were submerged. The rocks were jagged, and the tunnel was cramped. Yet the divers went in and came out with twelve young boys and one coach. They risked it all.

Why? Because they were angels in a cave in Thailand.

Angels are all around us each day. They are people who bring out the goodness in the human spirit. Watch for them.

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Image courtesy of the United States Department of Defense. The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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