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A Quick Update on The Burning Man and additonal “novels in progress”

First off, thank your all of my many family, friends and supporters for the kind words regarding my new opportunity. It means so much to me to know that I have support.  Along those lines, please keep spreading the word about THE BURNING MAN.  I expert draft proofs on the novel sometime in mid-July.  Then, I will start working on finalizing layout, cover art etc.  with the folks at Morgan James Publishing.  I want to thank W. Terry Whalin who has been a wealth of information as I move through this process. Also thank you to Amanda Rooker at Split Seed for the same reasons.

As far as my writing, Morgan James Publishing is reviewing at a second novel in the Dr. Catherine Powers series called BACK BURN.  This thriller is set in Southern California with Cat pitted against a serial arsonist.  Will she be able to catch him, or will he escape as Orange County goes up in flames?

And I am working on a third thriller novel in the Dr. Catherine Powers series, titled SEX SLAYER.  Set in Southern Florida, Cat is  faced with the seedy underworld of international sex trafficking and prostitution, while dealing with one of their henchmen, himself a sadistic serial rapist and murderer.  At its core, this novel raises questions the role of political and legal corruption in the very real world of human sex trafficking – a crime that effects over 27 million victims worldwide.


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